Kristen Stewart upsets the codes at the Cannes Film Festival!

Entertainment 20 May, 2017

It made a sensation on the red carpet. Kristen Stewart, for her first ascent of this new edition, has upset the codes at the Cannes Film Festival.
Everything seems to be going very well in Kristen Stewart’s life right now. The young woman lives again and it’s a pleasure to see. What’s more, the actress has found love and it seems to be on its way to last. It’s the crazy love between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell . The two young women are very accomplices and get on well together. Indeed, recently, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have set a new course together . Is this the beginning of a long relationship that begins? For the moment, this is another topic that interests the fans of KStew. Currently in Cannes , it caused a sensation for its first rise of the marches to the festival, of this new edition.
To climb the steps of the famous festival of Cannes , Kristen Stewart opted for an outfit of the haute couture house, Chanel . Not long ago, the actress shaved her head for the needs of a film and it is therefore the ultra short hair and platinum blonde that appeared. In a recent interview, Kristen Stewart confessed she wanted to upset the dress code : “There is definitely a dress code to respect. People are quickly shocked when they do not wear heels, but I feel that Can not ask that today ” . The star continues by stating “If you do not ask a guy to wear a dress or heels, You can not ask for it. The question did not even arise four years ago. But today, it’s great. We do not ask you anymore . ” In any case, it’s a Kristen Stewart seems more happy than ever and sure of her who speaks with heart and frankness of what she thinks.