Kylie Jenner addicted to cosmetic surgery? Her breast maddened the canvas!

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

This is the rumor that everyone is talking about … Kylie Jenner succumbed to the call of the bistoury? Because her breasts ignite social networks!
Since Kylie Jenner was displayed sexy in Costa Rica , she became the center of attention. More sensual than ever, the young woman did not fail to unveil videos and sexy photos of her stay in the tropics. Accompanied by his family and his boyfriend Tyga , Kylie King seems to enjoy their holidays far from controversy. Because yes, you did not know perhaps, but the daughter of Kris Jenner has recently been accused of plagiarism by Vlada Haggerty , a make-up artist of Ukraine. A polemic that has not gone unnoticed on the Web. And while the case was going to be brought to justice, the 19-year-old businesswoman responded in an astonishing manner by promoting the work of the makeup artist on her Instagram account. One way to silence the rumors. But if things have finally come back in order, Kylie Jenner finds herself once again at the heart of the buzz.
Known for her voluptuous curves, Kylie Jenner sometimes because of competition with her older sister Kim Kardashian . Not a single day passes without it being buzzed on the web. Evidenced by its recent photos posted on Instagram and have not failed to react the fans. The reason ? The chest of the pretty brunette seems more voluminous than ever. Did she use cosmetic surgery? That’s the question everyone asks . Moreover, Internet users were quick to give their opinion. “No, but seriously, it is impossible for Kylie Jenner breasts are real” wrote one of them, convinced that breast Kylie King is far from natural. Another added: “Kylie Jenner her breasts that have tripled in size overnight (sic)” , while a last joke: “Kylie Jenner But she sorts her breasts in a cupboard and get out at its own discretion or what ( Sic). ” Critics who do not seem to reach the It Girl . Especially that soon she might have something else in mind … To cause, Tyga just ask the hand of Kylie Jenner at Kris Jenner. Do you think Kylie Jenner has rebuilt her chest?