Kylie Jenner addicted to cosmetic surgery? Rumor re-launched

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner used cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of her buttocks! Two experts seem to confirm it!
There are some days, Kylie Jenner showed the larger buttocks than usual. Did she resorted to plastic surgery or was it an abuse of Photoshop . The young woman now enjoying her sunny holiday with her boyfriend, Tyga, as can be seen HERE . Soon, the pictures of Kylie Jenner in swimsuit relaunched the rumors. Kim Kardashian’s sister used cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of her buttocks. “Kylie has what we usually call a pear shape, which means that the bottom of her body is more developed than the top of her body.This is not uncommon.Many women try to get liposuction on their buttocks to make them smaller. Or they have breast implants to make it more proportional. “, revealed Dr. Dr. Bruce Katz site Hollywood Life . For the specialist, Kylie Jenner could have had a liposuction of the size to make her buttocks more voluminous.
For its part, the plastic surgeon, Dr. Lyle Back is not really sure that the physical change of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian richer than either natural. “The development of complete, round, well-formed buttocks is a by-product of women’s development, but to a much lesser degree than genetic influences such as heredity and race. I strongly doubt that Kylie is spending her life in gym. Even if this is the case, no amount of squats would create what she has now. “, confessed the doctor. “All the science and all the signs indicate that silicone buttock implants are the most likely secret for its newly reinforced posterior.” Concluded Dr. Lyle Back who nonetheless praised the work of plastic surgeon of Kylie Jenner . And do you think Kylie Jenner’s buttocks are natural?