Kylie Jenner and Tyga married in secret? Rumors re-launched

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The couple formed by Kylie Jenner and Tyga continues to make talk about him. New rumors about their marriage have been relaunched. Have they passed the ring on the finger?
Each movement of the Kyga couple is analyzed in a magnifying glass. While Kylie Jenner unveiled a new tattoo for Tyga , rumors about their marriage have been revived . According to the magazine Life & Style, the lovers were married in secret during the holidays in an intimate ceremony. According to them: “The wedding was very discreet and organized at the last minute they only invited family and a few close friends because they wanted to keep it very private..” . The magazine added: “Kylie was trying to hold back tears as she was about to exchange vows with Tyga She did not want her makeup running down her white dress Balmain. ..” One thing for sure is that Life & Style was very specific, even for holding wedding Kylie Jenner, but that’s not all …
Also according to the same source, the Kardashian / Jenner family would have supported the couple but Kris Jenner would in turn delay the wedding. Kylie had managed to convince his mother to accept this small ceremony in a condition that a second marriage is arranged to be filmed for a special episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians .” Can we really believe it? Did Kylie and Tyga get married in secret? Everything is possible with the most famous family in the United States. Moreover, Kylie would have been spotted in Mexico with Tyga during the holidays and the pretty brunette was wearing a diamond on her finger. However, according to Gossip Cop , this would be as pure speculation and the site pointed to the magazine that has already circulated many false rumors about Kylie Jenner . What can we believe? While waiting to learn more about their marriage potential, discover that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian is the richest! What do you think of these rumors?