Kylie Jenner becomes the laughing stock of the Web because of a new Photoshop fail?

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner made people laugh after Tyga shared a photo of her girlfriend! Discover why the star has become the laughingstock of the Web?
Poor Kylie Jenner, she continues the bad buzz and the fail since the beginning of the year. The youngest sister of the Kardashian / Jenner clan tends to abuse a little too much Photoshop and that does not fail to make the Web react. Is Kylie Jenner addicted to cosmetic surgery? Or photo editing software? Mystery! Recently, Tyga’s fiancée was at the heart of many rumors after sharing photos where she appeared with breasts and buttocks much larger than before. But this time, it was the starlet’s knee that made the Internet users react. Yes, yes, you have read! Kylie Jenner has just made the buzz because of her knee as fans of the reality show star noticed that there was something on it that should not have been there!
Does Kylie Jenner have a wart or worse, a nipple on her knee? This is what the internet users are asked after Tyga has posted a picture where his dear and tender appears that has something strange on the knee. But what happened? Is it due to the field of vision? Is it an optical illusion or a small skid Photoshop? Kylie Jenner, who would be richer than Kim Kardashian , should have better examine the picture before her boyfriend share it on social networks. Anyway, it did not fail to laugh surfers trying to determine what Kylie Jenner had on his knee. Some fans of the young woman, however, defended by asking other users to “leave her alone” or claiming that “nobody is perfect” . And what do you think Kylie Jenner has on the knee?