Kylie Jenner breaks with Travis Scott? The rapper would have deceived her

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Nothing goes on between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott! The star of reality TV would have discovered that his new boyfriend had deceived her several times.
Recently, you were told that Kylie Jenner completely forgot Tyga thanks to Travis Scott. Unfortunately, it may well be that the story between the reality show star and Rihanna’s ex ends even more quickly than it began. Indeed, the couple could already be separated because Travis Scott would have deceived Kylie Jenner on several occasions with no fewer than 10 different women! The young woman would have discovered that her boyfriend was unfaithful looking on her cell phone. She would have witnessed some rather compromising messages! Kylie Jenner would immediately have decided to break with Travis Scott. But is this true? The two lovers, however, seemed very complicit and wanted to base their relationship on trust.
Did Travis Scott really betray the trust Kylie Jenner had in him? Mystery! But if the rumors of breaking are correct it would be a shame because the young woman and the rapper really seemed to be on the same wavelength. Kylie Jenner had been tattooed for Travis Scott , the two lovebirds had opted for matching butterflies. Kim Kardashian’s sister was persuaded that their love story with a future and that it was not just a relationship to forget about her painful break with Tyga. But if the rumors about Travis Scott’s infidelity prove to be correct, Kylie Jenner may be heartbroken!