Kylie Jenner, CEO for 19 years: “I have the impression that it doesn’t take me seriously because of my reputation” – Gala

Entertainment 15 August, 2017

Success story

Become CEO of an empire of cosmetics is only 19 years old has propelled Kylie Jenner in the world of business and responsibilities. She confides in the Life of Kylie the difficulties to assert its authority.

It may be the head of one of the largest companies of cosmetics, Kylie Jenner does not see the life in pink. The star of the social networks entrust in the show of reality-tv Life of Kylie the difficulties of the profession. “The majority of persons nineteen years of age are still at the stage of knowing what they’re going to do later. Me, I have great responsibilities. I have the impression of being a mature woman in a body of nineteen-year-old, tells the story of the little sister of Kim Kardashian.

In eighteen months, the brand Kylie Cosmetics has established itself as a leader in the world of makeup, in front of L’oréal Paris, with nearly $ 420 million. Behind this empire, the young Kylie Jenner, 20 years today, just to get respect. “I have the impression that it doesn’t take me seriously as a business woman because of my age and my reputation, “said the small protected from Kris Jenner, his mom.

The young woman who has long struggled to find his place in the clan Jenner / Kardashian is becoming more and more and would begin to make the shadow to his sisters. After multiple tests, capillaries, and some passages in the cosmetic surgeon, the petite brunette shy became a superstar of Instagram and the head of a company more than profitable. At the dawn of the age of majority (21 years in the United States), Kylie Jenner takes insurance.

Kylie Jenner

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