Kylie Jenner changes style radically!

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

We did not expect that! Kylie Jenner has radically changed her style by adopting a brand new haircut.
Kendall’s little sister Jenner is not talking about her right now. Whether with his romantic date with Tyga or the fail of the calendar year, Kylie Jenner is on everyone’s mind. We know, the young woman is always looking for novelties to surprise her fans. This time, Kylie Jenner has once again wanted to make an impression in change radically style finally haircut. Yes, after testing (almost) all the colors of the rainbow, the star of reality TV decided to return to the blonde. She added a little novelty. Did she want to copy the style of the former actress of The Vampire Diaries , Nina Dobrev?
Yes, as you know, Nina Dobrev has unveiled a new short cut on the red carpet of xXx Reactivated in London this week. It had been nearly 15 years since she had had such short hair. This time, it’s Kylie Jenner following his example. On the Web, we discover his new haircut. The young woman therefore opted for a square. So she made a come back in one of his previous styles, but with a new color . Fans of Kylie Jenner have fully validated her style. She did not hesitate to unveil many shots of this hairstyle on Insta. So, what do you think about the new Kylie Jenner Cup?