Kylie Jenner deceived by Tyga? Blac Chyna confirms and the clash

Entertainment 30 March, 2017

Do you feel the big clash coming? Blac Chyna, very angry at Tyga, confirms that he deceived Kylie Jenner and asks him for money in return …
The Kardashian / Jenner family was quiet in recent days. Since the aggression of Kim Kardashian, whose sex tape has resurfaced for his ten years, the clan is much more discreet. Well, there are nevertheless some scandals right, left, but nothing very transcendent. But here, this flat calm presaged a big storm on the horizon. Remember, a few days ago, we learned that Kylie Jenner had dropped Tyga . If the two lovers have recovered together since this stroke of slack, this information of Blac Chyna will certainly change the situation. On snapchat, the rapper’s former confirmed that he had deceived his girlfriend and claimed, in parallel, money for their son, King Cairo . C ‘
When Blac Chyna is not happy, she says it! Initially, Rob Kardashian’s former fiancée accused Tyga of not paying child support for their son, King Cairo. The star is ready to go to court to get what she wants. Subsequently , Blac Chyna seized Snapchat to violently clasher the father of their child on his personal life. She clearly accuses Tyga of cheating Kylie Jenner. Ouch, it hurts! We are not going to lie, but the American rapper is in the panade! On top of that, not long ago, Blac Chyna had said what she really thought of Kylie Jenner . Ah, we would like to attend the next Kardashian / Jenner family meal!