Kylie Jenner: Details about her sex life unveiled, she shoots a mouth!

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner had the nasty surprise of discovering private content on her app that should never have been there!
A few days ago, a very personal post on the application of Kylie Jenner appeared in detailing how she pleased Tyga using sex toys and massages. However, the young woman had no idea that this post was going to appear since she never wrote it! Kylie Jenner, richer than Kim Kardashian , was furious on hearing that its application had been published without his approval an article private content titled “How I Spoil My Man” or “How can I please my man” in French, about how she “spoils” Tyga including bringing her breakfast in bed, making him gifts, cooking his favorite meal or using sex toys and lingerie. Fortunately, Kylie Jenner quickly took the lead in stating her fans that she had nothing to do with this article.
Kylie Jenner, who recently unveiled his tattoo for Tyga , immediately removed the post from its application and announced to her fans that she would put more update for now. “Hello everyone, from now on, I will not post anymore on my app personally.” An article came out today and quoted things I NEVER said or seen. never approved ” , has she wrote on Twitter. “It’s not just for you and me that you think these are my words, I’m sorry and I know we’re going to find a solution so we can all be satisfied. , She added. Hard to blame the young woman to be furious with this private and sexist post . If its application apologized, Kylie Jenner can not seem to draw a line under this matter. And, in your opinion, has Kylie Jenner made the right decision?