Kylie Jenner gets a piercing … on the nipple

Entertainment 25 May, 2017

Once again, the youngest of the Kardashian clan made the buzz on the Web. The reason ? Her new piercing nipple has maddened her fans.
Lately, the 19-year-old star was talked about for the launch of her new collection along with her sister. Kylie Jenner was ultra sexy alongside Kendall Jenner in a video clip that unveiled some of their brand new clothes. Flexible dresses, high courts, the two queens of the social networks have indeed ensured their promotion, and no doubt that this new collection carton the whole world. But for now, it’s so much to look at Kylie’s newest piercing . The young woman has decided to be drilled in an unusual place, which has not escaped the millions of fans who follow her on the Web.
On her Instagram account , Kylie Jenner who is willing to do anything to resemble Kim Kardashian , has literally made the buzz, and the reason is simple. She has posted a black and white photo, where she is discovered very sexy as always in underwear. But it was not Kylie’s body that frightened the surfers, it is her piercing to the nipple that we see clearly that has attracted attention. And yes, the youngest of the clan offered this little piercing not very long ago, and finally decided to reveal it to the open. The star has garnered many compliments, and the photo has been “liked” more than 2.7 million times. A solid cardboard for the ex of Tyga.