Kylie Jenner guilty of plagiarism for her Lip Kits? Finally, she admits

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

After months to avoid the questions that upset, Kylie Jenner goes to confession! She admits to having plagiarized an artist on Instagram …
Kylie Jenner had an amazing reaction to accusations of plagiarism ! In fact the daughter of Kris Jenner created a scandal a few months ago when the professional makeup artist Vlada Haggerty denounced the fact that all visual promoting Lip Kits were actually blatant copies of his own works. Kris Jenner’s daughter has long ignored the artist’s claims, although she exploited the work without paying her or even quoting her name. But a few days ago, the situation changed abruptly! Kylie Jenner promoted Vlada Haggerty on Instagram, encouraging her fans to take a look at her work and compliment her abundantly. And today, rebelote! Kylie Jenner again posted a photo of Vlada Haggerty praising her work. Better late than never, but why does the young woman react so suddenly and so late?
Indeed Kylie Jenner said Vlada Haggerty was an “inspiration” for her on Instagram, but it suddenly post was especially designed to prevent any legal action that the makeup artist was entitled to attempt against her! Indeed according to the website TMZ Kylie Jenner and Vlada Haggerty agreed to an amicable agreement out of court, and the artist has forced the star publish these pictures. Vlada Haggerty did not hesitate to post a scathing message on Instagram, assuring her that she would never collaborate with Kylie Jenner and claiming that the battle against her had been very trying. Decidedly the women of the Kardashian-Jenner family are ruthless in business! Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have also had problems with their clothing and cosmetics lines, which have earned them numerous trials. Kylie Jenner, including before / after photos relaunched surgery rumors , she lies to her fans too? What do you think of this case?