Kylie Jenner in mourning: The bimbo collapsed by the death of a close friend …

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

A painful disappearance.
Kylie Jenner counts her most faithful friends on the fingers of a hand. Among them is Jordyn Woods , a young woman born like her in 1997 and who was introduced to her several years ago by her former boyfriend Jaden Smith .
Inseparable, both BFF of 19 years living together in the huge property of the little sister of Kim K and rarely move one without the other. In early January, it was notably alongside Jordyn Woods that Kylie Jenner flew to Mexico for a few days of relaxing holidays .
Closely tied for the best, they are also for the worst. On Thursday, January 19, the 19-year-old reality show star seized her Instagram account to join the grief of her friend, who just lost her dad, John. ” My brother, my soulmate, give Jordy & her family support and prayers, I love you to the end @jordywoods, my other half … When you cry, I cry, ” Tyga in caption of an accomplice cliché.