Kylie Jenner licks the breast of Khloe Kardashian on a shock picture!

Entertainment 24 June, 2017

The provoc she knows! Kylie Jenner is once again on the web …
Producers of Life of Kylie are afraid the show will be a disaster ! According to a source from the Radar Online site , Kylie Jenner would not be satisfied with the rendering of the show, and the channel E! dread it saves bad hearings: “Kylie is upset to see how things evolve It is short content She does not want too much away about her private life because she wants the show is based on her.. But Kylie tries to do everything without the help of her famous family and realizes that she will probably need the scandals that surround her loved ones .
Indeed the blond Kardashian-Jenner clan decided to make a small declaration of love to her younger sisters on Instagram. And for the occasion, she chose pictures taken during the evening celebrating the 10th anniversary of The incredible Kardashian Family , with this comment: “My babies for life” . And on one of the two photos, we can see Kylie Jenner licking her chest, while throwing a very languorous look at the lens. A cliché that obviously speaks about him on Instagram! If several fans openly criticize the very sexual attitude of Kylie and Khloe, others are amused by this gesture and do not see any harm.