Kylie Jenner: Life of Kylie, a future fiasco because of her?

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

Her future reality TV has not even started yet that Kylie Jenner could already be spoiling everything … The pretty brunette does just her head and it does not please her producers!

Nothing goes for Kylie Jenner! The producers of “Life of Kylie” are afraid that its broadcast is a total disaster. The reason ? The 19-year-old refuses to talk about her privacy on screen and prefers to focus on her flourishing business. If fans of the It Girl are looking forward to his show, the first feedback on the program is not really positive. According to a source from Life & Style, E! Entertainment have already shown an overview to a panel of people. But the latter were not conquered by the result. “Kylie is boring and there are not enough dramas. Even her biggest fans did not want to watch an entire episode,” says the informant. In other words, the situation is complicated to manage for the daughter of Kris Jenner. But could it be that his spin-off actually suffers from his bad behavior?

If one can fully understand that Kylie Jenner wants to just talk about her business rather than her private life, it would seem that she does not have an exemplary attitude. As an indiscreet tells Radar Online, the pretty brunette would have behaved like a real diva on the set of his show. Khloé Kardashian’s brother would have made the crew wait and even refused to shoot a few shots. “It’s like Kylie does not care, she does not know the schedule, and no one knows when she will not be in the studio, she’s rotten, it’s really not professional. Danger “says the source. Is the program likely to be canceled even before it starts or is it going to be a total success? Business to follow! What is certain is that the future of The Incredible Kardashian Family is cloudy, especially when one knows that Kendall Jenner could be absent from season 14 after making a radical decision for his future. Will you be watching “Life of Kylie”?