Kylie Jenner: Photoshop or surgery? His fans clash

Entertainment 6 May, 2017

Kylie Jenner once again crossed the red line? His fans criticize his publications on Snapchat …
Rob Kardashian mocked Kylie Jenner’s narcissism on Instagram ! The young man bluntly compared his younger sister to a grandmother of 88 years, which greatly amused her fans. What made them less amusing, however, is the latest publications of Travis Scott’s sweetheart on Snachat. Kylie Jenner has recently been accused of having abused Photoshop, to make an even finer size and hips and buttocks even more bounced. If the young woman responded with a video directly addressed to its detractors, it was not enough to calm them down, on the contrary! It seems that since the bad buzz of Kim Kardashian’s untouched buttocks, the public has become much more suspicious of the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.
Indeed the ultra-thin waist, the ultra-round hips and the star’s generous buttocks did not exist a few years ago! It is obvious to some of her fans that Kylie Jenner, who has again cracked for cosmetic surgery , has resorted to many operations to carve out this silhouette so exaggerated that it becomes strange. Other critics commented by denouncing an abuse of Photoshop and accuse Kylie of having a bad influence on his fans, which for many seem to try to resemble him. Like Kim and Khloe, who claim to be 100% natural for years despite their physical metamorphosis, Kylie prefers to keep the secret and show off her body to sell products.