Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid … The stars who showed themselves in 2016

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

If they are used to treading red carpets while being very well dressed, some celebrities have not hesitated to reveal themselves in the natural in 2016. And they are sublime!
This year has been full of emotions for the stars. And media events were once again numerous. Remember, this is on January 6 that the people had to go to a multitude of ceremonies such as the Grammy Awards , the MTV Video Music Awards not to mention the American Music Awards . Evenings where celebrities put themselves on their 31. Besides, if their outfits are often bluffing, their makeup is just as much. But you may not know, but this year was also marked by the No Makeup Movement launched by Alicia Keys. Tired of worrying constantly about his appearance, the singer has decided not to wear makeup . A pretty stance which did not fail to encourage other people such as Bella Thorne or Rihanna – who has been clashing with Maeva Anissa – to assume, too, without any artifice. Since then, the editing of melty has decided to come back with you on all the stars who showed themselves to be natural in 2016.
The list of celebrities who dared the selfie without make up is long! Beyoncé Kylie Jenner via Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, the stars have all posed proudly natural . They were probably inspired by the confidences of Alicia Keys who surprised everyone by taking his decision. This is also in an article published on the website Lenny Letter that the singer was engaged “Whenever I went out of my house without makeup, I worried: ‘What if someone wanted a Photo? And if he posted it? These thoughts represented my insecurity, superficiality and even if they were honest, they relied far too much on what people could think of me. ” Adding that now she fully accepts his choice: “I do not want to cover myself neither my face nor my mind or my soul or my thoughts, nor my dreams or my fights, my emotions or Nothing.. . ” In any case, these celebrities are all more sublime than the others. No wonder then that Drake succumbed to the charm of Jennifer Lopez . Besides, the two artists are officially a couple . What photo do you prefer?