Kylie Jenner sexy in the arms of Tyga, but very badly retouched!

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

A strange detail puts the chip in the ear …
Kylie Jenner in a suggestive position on Tyga , hitherto not surprising. What is more, on the other hand, it is this strange little outgrowth that points to his right knee.
Recently on vacation in Mexico with her darling Tyga, Kylie Jenner, it seems, delighted the American rapper of 27 years. Filled by the generous forms of the little sister of Kim Kardashian , the singer has revealed kissing them on Instagram. Tyga shared a photo of their escapade with a group of friends on her page, followed by more than 83 million subscribers. In a black and white bikini, Kylie Jenner sits on her knees Tyga, the ex of Blac Chyna surrounding her waist with her arms. But it is not this gesture of love that has attracted the attention of their fans …
Many of them immediately noticed an incongruous detail on the knee of the sulphurous siren, which seems to be a piece of skin that surfers have chosen to baptize a nipple. Kylie Jenner has no known growth on her legs, proof with a photo of her in another bikini and in full sunbathing that she had posted a few days ago. Would this then be the unwanted admission of a failed use of a retouching software? There’s no question about that.
Kylie Jenner is not the first star to experience this kind of mishap. Mariah Carey had before it, much is talked about because of poorly edited photos posted on social networks. Appearing too often refined, the American singer of 46 years ended up drawing the ire of fans who are tired and ask him to take as it is.