Kylie Jenner swells her buttocks, a new Photoshop failure?

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Kylie Jenner is the publisher for Fashion Nova jeans and has much more swollen buttocks than usual. Did she abuse Photoshop or did she do surgery?
Kylie Jenner was revealed recently completely naked in a movie with her boyfriend, Tyga . She is not cold in the eyes! Yesterday, the young woman was back with a sexy photo on Instagram . The little sister of Kim Kardashian was promoting jeans Fashion Nova , his new obsession mode. But it is not the pants worn by Kylie Jenner that made talk about him but the buttocks of the young woman. Indeed, it displays a posterior that seems much more voluminous than usual. Very quickly, the photo made the buzz on the Web. Kylie Jenner fans wonder if the star has a little too abused Photoshop to make it look its larger and curved buttocks . Some even thought that Kylie Jenner had used cosmetic surgery to increase the volume of her posterior.
Fans of Kylie Jenner have not been tender with her by accusing her of changing her assets. “It’s obvious that this is Photoshop, look how the pockets and belt are large,” “The buttocks are not yours!”, “This abuse of photoshop is insane” , can be read especially on Twitter. This is not the first time Kylie Jenner, who could soon be on trial with Blac Chyna against Tyga , is accused of transforming his body. A few days ago, she had made the buzz when her chest seemed to have tripled in volume. If cosmetic surgery rumors quickly surfaced, it could simply be of Photoshop . One thing is certain, users do not appreciate these changes and prefer Kylie Jenner natural. And, in your opinion, did Kylie Jenner use Photoshop, surgery or is it natural?