Kylie Jenner: Travis Scott completely forgot Tyga

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, it’s serious! The beautiful no longer thinks at all in Tyga …
Kylie Jenner made the buzz by posing nude in a bed, a joint in her hand ! The 19-year-old girl assumes her provocative side, even if it divides her fans. And we’re sure of one thing is that Travis Scott enjoys it! Since they met a few months ago, the two lovebirds are simply inseparable. And if for years Kylie Jenner lived a very publicized idyll with Tyga, apparently she completely forgot it . One recalls that the rapper had been surprised several times deceiving the girl, and their idyll had finally faded. But it did not take long for Kylie to get recast, and today she seems more comfortable than ever.
Indeed, according to the source: “Kylie really feels she is more in love with Travis, more than she was in love with Tyga … It could be because they are still in the beginning But they seem to be definitely much happier than before. Kylie finally has the impression that she is really in a mature relationship, an adult relationship where there are Love, respect and trust. It really opened his eyes and it’s a relief not to have to deal with drama all the time . ” Kylie Jenner, who got tattooed for Travis Scott , seems completely bitten! One hopes for her that this fusional relationship with the rapper will go better than her story with Tyga . Anyway it’s good! What do you think of this couple?