Kylie Jenner unveils her new tattoo for Tyga!

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner is madly in love with Tyga and wanted to prove to her by being tattooed as a tribute to her boyfriend!
Not a day goes by without Kylie Jenner talking about her! The young woman seems to be becoming the biggest star of the Kardashian / Jenner clan and could even dethrone her famous sister, Kim Kardashian. Recently, Kylie Jenner, accused of having inflated his buttocks through Photoshop , made the buzz on the web. A little earlier, the star was talking about her because of her chest that seemed to have changed well but also following a very sexy photo unveiled on the anniversary of her boyfriend, Tyga. Recently, Kylie Jenner also displays a new tattoo! Although discreet, it is now more visible after a retouching of the famous tattoo artist, Rafael Valdez. This tatoo is a tribute of the young woman to Tyga and has not escaped to the Net surfers. The editing of melty reveals, without further ado, the new tattoo of Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner opted for a tattoo on his left ankle, there is a tiny “T”, the first letter of the stage name of her boyfriend, Tyga obviously. It does not seem to hold it against her boyfriend have offered him a three-shot with Kendall Jenner , on the contrary. While we revealed you the best photos of 2016 Kylie Jenner and Tyga , the youngest of the clan Kardashian / Jenner seems ever more in love with her beloved. His new tattoo, however, will surely not please his parents, Kris and Caitlin Jenner, who would instead prefer their daughter to move away from Tyga. The latter would do anything to separate them! But their efforts do not seem to worry the couple that started in 2017 together and in love . So the meltynauts, what do you think of the new tattoo of Kylie Jenner for Tyga?