Kylie Jenner vs Kylie Minogue, the war goes on!

Entertainment 10 February, 2017

Kylie Minogue won a battle, but not the war! Kylie Jenner counter-attack and she is very uplifted …
Kylie Minogue has violently smashed Kylie Jenner ! The Australian singer did not appreciate at all the attempt of Kris Jenner’s daughter to make her first name a registered trademark. Kylie Minogue did not hesitate to take the case to court, and she won! A defeat all the more bitter for Kim’s sister that her rival described her as “a secondary reality television character . ” According to a source from the Radar Online site , Kylie Jenner is furious to have lost against her namesake, but she does not intend to stop there! The young 19 year old daughter wants to appeal the judge’s decision to outdo the singer of 48 years: “Kylie think Kylie Minogue is tired and she always wants to have rights to the Kylie name to continue to develop its brand “She really wants to create an empire and she has the impression that Kylie Minogue is the only person who gets in the way and prevents her from realizing this dream . ”
According to the site Kylie Jenner hopes to succeed in court of appeal, but it is wrong! Kylie Minogue has largely contributed to popularizing her first name and has been pursuing an impressive career for several decades. If Kris Jenner’s daughter is very successful now, she clearly can not have the nerve to prevent the singer from using her own name! But Kylie Jenner, who is accused of scamming fans with her new Lip Kits , has been the subject of much controversy in recent years and is not always an example to follow in business. Tyga’s darling should perhaps drop this legal battle and focus on her business, especially as with the release of her clothing line with Kendall, she will not run out of work. But with the Kardashian-Jenner, the ego is family … What do you think of Kylie’s reaction?