Kylie Jenner: Will Kendall Jenner compete with her sister on the Web?

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Is Kendall Jenner jealous of Kylie? The model seems to look to compete his little sister via social networks!
This weekend, Kendall Jenner did not fail to post a photo of her sexy bikini body via his Instagram account. The beautiful had actually donned a two-piece black and white jersey very sexy! She would try to compete with her sister Kylie Jenner? If the latter has become the laughing stock of the Internet because of a new Photoshop fail , she posted sexy bikini while vacationing in Mexico. Kendall Jenner then tried to prove that she too was hyper sexy in swimsuit? One thing is for sure, if the American top seems to copy his little sister and it would not be the first time. One might even think that Kendall Jenner is trying to turn into Kylie. Would she be jealous that the youngest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan became the star of social networks?

Kylie Jenner would be richer than Kim Kardashian and seems to be the real star of the family on social networks. S i Kendall Jenner says he is not jealous of his little sister, it seems anyway to emulate it. When Kylie Jenner posts a picture of her ass, Kendall does the same. When the younger one shows up with blond hair, her sister does not hesitate to show herself with a blonde wig. Same thing when Kylie Jenner wears a bare shoulders top, an orange dress, a silver sequined dress or blue lenses, Kendall Jenner does the same! Her little sister seems to be her model! Is it jealousy or merely admiration? Anyway, Kylie Jenner may feel flattered. And do you think Kendall Jenner is trying to compete with her younger sister?