Kylie Jenner with and WITHOUT makeup, you’ll be shocked so it’s NOTHING to see (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner is the queen of makeup, she has already proved it. But when you see it WITHOUT makeup precisely, you are going to have trouble recognizing it

Kylie Jenner in cosmetic surgery fashion from 2011 to 2017, you will hallucinate before his physical transformation CRAZY ! An almost shocking change, much like when you see it with and just after WITHOUT makeup. The No Makeup is fashionable among the stars at the moment, which adoooooorent to appear natural on the social networks. But Kylizzle has still a reputation to keep guys! When you run a huge makeup business, you try to prove as much as you can. Logic what. But suddenly, it does so not in the habit of seeing without artifice, that when you see these pictures before / after, it’ll make you a shock .

So put your little ass on a small chair very soft before all. In case you fall on your ass! Even if it changes completely everything, we will be honest (and jalouuuuuux), it remains super pretty natural with small freckles ! To the point that some wonder even if they do not like it like that. But it remains to be seen with her hair transformation, since it is over long hair! Kylie Jenner cuts EVERYTHING and displays her new crazy hairstyle on Snapchat. How do you prefer it?