Kylie Jenner without underwear, her fans love it!

Entertainment 20 July, 2017

The Kardashian / Jenner family is known for its ultra lightweight outfits. Once again, the clan’s latest kid, Kylie Jenner, created the buzz without underwear.

The tension is palpable for Kylie Jenner. In a few days, the young woman will present to the whole world its show of reality TV. This is a highlight for Kendall Jenner’s little sister since she decided to go solo. But then, will she be able to compete with the flagship show of American reality TV where she shone, The Incredible Kardashian Family? In any case, fans are eagerly awaiting Life of Kylie, whose date of French release was unveiled. Today, it’s a whole other subject that touches King Kylie. On Instagram, the pretty brunette has unveiled in an immaculate dress, without underwear. In less than an hour, the cliché made a sensation …

It’s simply madness. This week, Kylie Jenner, who made a nice joke to the Kardashian family, unveiled a first picture of her quite sensual. We find her, taking the pose in a short white dress and staring. But this is not what has most marked the fans of Kylie Jenner. Yes, you can clearly see that the Life of Kylie star does not wear a bra. In less than an hour, his picture had reached more than a million like. Is she preparing to break the Internet like Kim K or Kendall Jenner? Business