Kylie Jenner’s list of naughty tricks to fill her lover

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Even the most seasoned are not safe from a blunder on social networks. Kylie Jenner has just paid the price, while a list of her naughty tips to spoil her companion Tyga was unveiled on her mobile app.
At just 19, Kylie Jenner is a true entrepreneur. His brand Kylie Cosmetics is a hit . Besides, Forbes recently revealed that she was the second of his family fortune, just behind her sister Kim Kardashian . It would have amassed close to $ 18 million in 2016. The key to such a success? A communication handled by a master hand, via its multiple social networks … Finally, not always.
The last one of the Kardashian clan has just been confronted with a light couac. Tuesday, January 3, Kylie Jenner fans were surprised to discover on its application a list of tips written by their idol for the rapper Tyga, his beloved, always filled. Problem: the list contained not only the wife of tips to the model home, such as ” Get up early, prepare her breakfast ,” or “Take good care of his friends! When they are at home I always cook for them. ”
Fans of the luscious brunette, who are for the most part are probably teenage girls, have also discovered some naughty tips. ” Go your funniest sex life! Spice things up with lingerie, sextoys and massages. ” The young woman immediately denied being the source of the message. The team in charge of the application shared a statement: ” This morning, a draft article was posted by mistake. It was not Kylie’s words, nor was it her idea. We would like to apologize to her for this mistake. We will work hard to ensure that this does not happen again. ”
A development which had only serve to annoy a few more fans of the star, which would prefer Kylie Jenner itself manages the contents of his application.