La Belle et La Bete: A new TV spot unveiled for Christmas!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Disney wanted to make fans happy for the Christmas holidays, and for that what better than a TV spot to prolong the magic?
At the announcement of its project, the live action of the Beauty and the Beast had already made shine the eyes of the fans. One of the most beautiful love story of the Disney universe will come to life with Emma Watson in the role of Belle and Dan Stevens in that of the Beast. In addition to the casting Luke evans in Gaston and the voices of Sir Ian McKellen (Big Ben), Ewan McGregor (Light) and Emma Thompson (Mrs. Samovar)! Besides some of the actors from Beauty and The Beast: Light, Mrs. Pott and Big Ben revealed themselves in human form on an image. That suggests a nice movie! It is May 2017 that we can admire and hear all this beautiful world on the big screen, but in the meantime, the first trailers have already appeared in recent weeks for the greatest joy of all.
Broadcasted on the web on November 14, the first trailer was a huge success. At present it has nearly 27,954,348 views on YouTube. Simply awesome! Even if users are already wondering what the differences with previous adaptations of the story of Beauty and the Beast , this live-action is sure to be a success at the box office. And for that, Disney pampered his fans to blow of tv spot like that broadcast for the Christmas holidays. If this one does not offer us new images, it nevertheless allows us to better observe the Beast truer than nature in action. A video that gives us in any case always as anxious to see the film on the big screen! What do you think of the trailers of this live-action?