La Belle et La Bete: The international poster unveiled

Cinema 16 January, 2017

The international poster of La Belle et La Bete has finally been unveiled! One discovers Emma Watson turning his back to the accursed prince …
Fans of The Beauty and The Beast eagerly awaiting the release of the Disney live-action. Emma Watson will take over the role of Belle and demonstrate the extent of her musical talent in many sung scenes. And while the film will be released on 22 March, posting the International Beauty and the Beast, which Ariana Grande and John Legend will participate in the movie , has finally been unveiled! Belle We discover, bright in her dress, holding a rose in hand and turning his back on The Beast . The latter appears melancholy and very dark. It must be said that the character is no other than a prince punished for his egoism by a fairy having pretended to be a beggar.
The bottom of the poster shows Emma Watson, who had sung the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast at the Golden Globes , enter the castle of the Beast. You can see Big Ben and other animated objects watching the young woman arrive, candlestick in hand. The poster gives an idea of the visual world that offer this new adaptation of the tale . A tale that has already known many versions like that of Jean Cocteau or that of Christophe Gans with Léa Seydoux in the role of Belle and Vincent Cassel in the role of The Beast. This live-action should much match the version of the studio Disney release in 1997, here again producer. What do you think ?