La Chicane reconciles and returns

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

The Quebecois group La Chicane, which enjoyed great success in the late 1990s, reconciled and made a comeback.

The singer Boom Desjardins uses his 20 th career anniversary to make peace with his old cronies Dany Bedar, Martin Bedar, Christian Legault, Eric Maheu and Yanik Boivin. The dissolution of the Valdorian group dates from more than 10 years.

“That was 20 years ago, Boom Desjardins and his friends from La Chicane signed a record deal and knew a huge success thanks to the room Calvary , made by boom in his native Abitibi. A play that has become one of the greatest classics in Quebec’s repertoire, “it said in a statement.

The group launched their first album, En Catimini , and directed several shows in Quebec and elsewhere, particularly with The Rolling Stones, AC / DC and Rush. They have won numerous awards at ADISQ and JUNOS.