La Fouine attacked by his former protege Sindy, he makes things clear

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

A few months ago, Sindy dropped on Snapchat by setting fire to his former mentor. La Fouine has set the record straight on this story in EXCLU.
The year 2017 did not necessarily start well for La Fouine who was attacked by Sindy in a story Snapchat well salted . The former protégé of the rapper was revolted against his mentor to the point of pushing a big mouth of video: “I waited for days and days the call of the person who held out my hand (…) When you sign a contract, that you are my producer and that you do not give me news during 1 year and half (…) Whether you are Pierre, Paul, Jacques or La Fouine, when you have an engagement you hold it, point. ” Four and a half months later, La Fouine’s response was EXCLUDED .
In a press conference for the Mawazine Rhythms of the World festival , we were able to ask all the questions we wanted at La Fouine. In addition to talking about the artists signed by Booba like Shay and Damso , Fouiny Baby also explained about Sindy: “I do not know what happened, I saw that she had posted a video and that, But I do not know, I do not really have an answer to that question. Sometimes fate makes a career start or do not start, an artist walks or I do not have the keys to this success. I tried with all my heart to give a little strength, it did not work and here it is, I do not really have an answer.