La Fouine unveils the Zina video shot in Morocco, will it return to success in the charts?

Entertainment 27 June, 2017

While CDCC is almost already a flop, “Zina”, the new clip of La Fouine, will allow him to go up the slope?
Last year, after 2 years of absence, La Fouine was making its big return in the ferries with New World . A new album, which, unfortunately for the rapper of the 78, proved to be a commercial failure. Far from letting down, the rapper of Yvelines decided to roll up the sleeves to prove that it was far from finished. Result? After a disc with pop sounds and positive speech, Fouiny Babe has returned to making hardcore for the release of her new mixtape, Crime Censored Capitale . And who says hardcore, obviously said clash against Booba, who recently tackled the Music Festival .
But despite all his efforts, the rapper’s new mixtape had a very shy first week of marketing. While the clip of “Zina” has just released, will La Fouine succeed in climbing the slope? Undoubtedly one of the most appreciated titles of CDCC, the new mixtape of La Fouine, which one has well kiffé on the side of melty , the rapper was certainly right to launch this new single. Will it return to success thanks to this nice clip, shot in Morocco? Currently, CDCC ranks 86th in the Top Albums, behind albums like Emotions de Jul, which was released a year ago.