La Fouine vs Booba, has this clash spoiled his career?

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

While the last mixtape of La Fouine already looks like a flop, its clash with Booba would it be at the origin of this commercial failure?
On 2 June, La Fouine was making a big comeback with the Capitale Du Crime Censored . After the commercial failure of his previous album New World , the Yvelines rapper decided to abandon urban pop and return to hardcore rap to please his fanbase. Result? Despite the fact that CDCC of La Fouine is a good mixtape that we kiffé in melty , with only a little more than 2000 sales in the first week, this new record already looks like a flop. How to explain this new failure? Did not his fans forgive his clash with Booba?
Back in 2013. That year, La Fouine is at the top of his career: his albums sell well, see better than the other two major sellers of records of the moment, Rohff and Booba. Except after that, a huge clash exploded with Booba. And whether it is by sounds or pikes on the internet, the two rappers have not ceased to crepe the bun, to the point of really coming to the hands in a gym in Miami. The drop of water that caused the vase to overflow for fans of La Fouine, who recently released the clip of Zina shot in Morocco?
Have fans of La Fouine tired of seeing their favorite rapper think of only clashing with Booba, rather than making music? While on the other hand, B2O is spared by the critics, the rapper of the 78 took the full reverse side of the coin. Add to that two absences and a New World in a half-tone, and you get fans who prefer to turn to new heads of posters like Nekfeu or Damso rather than continue listening to the author of “Who Can Stop Me” . While La Fouine decided to go back to work by announcing CDCC 2 , not sure that it is enough to go up the slope … Do you think the clash of La Fouine against Booba has spoiled his career?