La Fouine vs Booba, which album will make the most noise in 2017?

Entertainment 31 May, 2017

While the two rappers are preparing to make their big return in the bins, which will make the most noise? Melty made you one was places of the situation of the two rivals.
The Foule VS Booba. No, you’re not dreaming: we’re fine in 2017, and the two rappers that we can now designate as rap dinosaurs (20 years of career each) will make another comeback in the box with a new project. 20 years of career, and always this desire to do the dirty for one, and to splurge for the other. But while the clash La Fouine VS Booba (whose last episode took place two weeks ago) has left again more beautiful since the rapper of Yvelines now responds to the pikes of his rival, which will make the most sales, criterion Oh so holy in the land of rap? Small inventory of forces present.
In the left corner, the challenger La Fouine: hundreds of thousands of sales to his credit, and a title of biggest seller of record in the early years of 2010, thanks in particular to the album of the Team BS in 2014. A story Which, by the way, did not finish very well, Sindy having expressed his disappointment, and La Fouine having answered our microphone. Since ? The original rapper from Trappes (78) gave himself a short break, before returning last year with New World , a album with rather pop accents, and positive messages. A new guideline that did not really convince its audience, and that made this new opus a commercial failure. Far from dropping his arms, Laouni pulled up his sleeves, cut his goatee, And returned to making hardcore rap for his mixtape Capital of Crime Censored , which will be released this Friday. Sufficient to beat his great rival B2O? Answer in the coming weeks.
In the right corner, the challenger Booba: haloed the title of greatest French rapper by the rap press and by the rappers themselves, Booba continues to mark the story. After the disappointing Futur and DUC , the rapper today domiciled in Miami returned in very great form with the excellent Nero Nemesis at the end of 2015. Since then, it unveiled several titles, which did not necessarily gain the adhesion Apart from the “DKR” tubes of course). Would the self-proclaimed Duke of Boulogne rest a little too much on his laurels? While his new album could be released in the autumn, it is hoped that it will serve us a vintage at least as excellent as Nero Nemesis , which finished platinum (100,000 sales). In the meantime, we are “content” with the featurings he multiplies, like the one with Lacrim, “Oh bah yes”, with which Booba who has just been certified single gold. In your opinion, who of La Fouine or Booba will sell the most albums?