La Fouine: Where was the clash against Booba that he promised us?

Entertainment 20 June, 2017

While La Fouine promised us a huge clash against Booba, will he go out one day?
Until last year and the release of his album Nouveau monde , La Fouine no longer responded to Booba’s attacks. He did not want to hear about the clashes anymore, preferring to show a positive image of rap to young people. But that was before he decided to go back to hardcore rap for the release of CDCC, the new mixtape of La Fouine, whose sales figures were unveiled. And that says rap hardcore, said clash. Result, after spending several years ignoring his rival, the Yvelines rapper backtracked, and began to respond to him on Instagram. And in a post on the famous social network, he said: “In the Censored Crime Capital, The answer that the whole world is waiting for will do very badly and will surely be censored . ” Since then, we have listened to CDCC , and we have found no trace of this famous “response that the whole world expects” …
Well, there was indeed this passage in “Give me my money” : “So how does that make little dungeons in Belgium? That you did not tell us / 3000 euros to stuff a guy, while your real guys are in dog in Boulbi (izi) ” , a piece where he addresses at the same time to Benash and Booba (which has just validated Highlander of S.Pri Noir) . There was also a small sentence in “RS4” : “We do not complain, we die for the mama” , which refers to the day when B2O’s mother was abducted, and the rapper called police. Okay, that’s okay.
It is true that later, he released this piece of about 1 minute, only available on Facebook, where he mocks the B2O and his supposed sexual relationship with a transvestite. But still no real clash … A clash that was expected even more since we had learned that the filming teams of the Fouine was looking for a look-alike Booba for a clip. So, he keeps this famous title under the elbow, and that it will put it in CDCC 2 , Which should come out in not long? Has he abandoned the idea of ​​making a clash? Is the “answer the world is waiting for” the sentences of “Give me my money” and “RS4” ? You can ask the question directly during our live with La Fouine, which begins earlier at 6 pm … And you, do you think it will release a sound clash?