La La Land: Before Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, who were destined for the two main roles?

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were not the first choice of the director Damien Chazelle for the main roles of La La Land. What actors would he like to have?
La La Land is a global success and sweep all the awards in its path! Emma Stone has won numerous statuettes for his portrayal of Mia and could even walk away with the Oscar for Best Actress at the end of the month live in Los Angeles . If Ryan Gosling does not achieve exactly the same success as his co-star, his talent is undeniable and together they form a perfect duet. Only now, when the project La La Land was launched, Damien Chazelle were two other leading Hollywood stars: Emma Watson and Miles Teller . So yes, the actors turn down roles every day, but La La Land is so successful that examines every detail on this bet was not won in advance!
Then why did the two actors pass their turn? While many evoke planning problems, other sources announce that both players would have been too demanding. Miles Teller, who has since denied the report, would have asked for 2 million more than the proposed stamp on Emma Watson, it would have required all rehearsals take place in London for a film that’s going on … In Los Angeles! We just think we both players chose other projects puisqu’Emma Watson accepted his role in Beauty and the Beast at the same time … The actress may have thought that the live-action Disney was a Project that suited her more and what we have seen so far, she was right!