Lacrim back on stage, tickets are on sale

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Lacrim does not have a minute to lose and prefers to spend his time with his fans. Know that he will soon be back on stage and tickets are already available. All the details !
Then he announced the release of a new song and an imminent return to the stage a few days ago, the rapper proves what he says, he does! Just out of prison, Lacrim (including a member of 92i recently sent him a message) provides the concrete to his fans. He will be back on stage at Yoyo, the legendary club of the Palais de Tokyo has hosted the epic showcase of NLP, Nekfeu, Booba and others … The comeback of the interpreter Putin is imminent And know today that the places for this return on stage are now on sale and available for purchase!
So you can get your exclusive access to witness the return of Lacrim that looks great on 3 February 2016 in one of the finest clubs in Paris on the site Digitick . Priced at 32 euros , the concert is a real event since the rapper is not on stage for 2 years .. . This one marks the great comeback of the artist, much awaited by the fans present in the hexagon. In order not to miss this key date, you are advised to book your tickets now , before it will display full … So, are you looking forward to witness the return of Lacrim on the stage of Yoyo?