Lacrim: His Philipp Plein jacket costs the price of your next car!

Entertainment 15 February, 2017

Lacrim was one of the first French MC’s to wear Philipp Plein. Notice to the chappas, the jacket of the Traitres interpreter is as expensive as your next car!
Lacrim is back! And if there is one thing that marked us with the comeback the self-proclaimed “dad of French rap” , it is this small embonpoint after his release from prison. But no doubt the Traitres interpreter will quickly find the best of his physical form. Moreover, it seems already to be close, considering the energy that it was able to deploy during its return on stage, during a showcase. For the occasion, the rapper undermined – as usual – Philipp Plein . But be careful, the price of his jacket PP may leave you speechless.
If Philipp Plein managed to retranscribe through his creations the music and the lifestyle of Lacrim, the sapes of this luxury label are really overpriced. If, unfortunately, you saved since the night of time to buy a t-shirt of this German brand, do not even try to shopper the Lacrim bomber. Wholesale Philipp Plein jacket of your favorite rapper costs the “modest” sum of 25,000 euros (you can find it here) . Yes, Lacrim (who also hits Valentino and Dsquared 2) must have full pockets. And it is all the evil we wish it!