Lacrim ignites the Yoyo in Paris for his big comeback

Entertainment 4 February, 2017

Lacrim set fire to the YOYO-Palais of Tokyo for his great return on stage. In an atmosphere of sick, the rapper interpreted his biggest tubes. We offer you a video of his performance!
LACRIM! To pronounce this name is enough to unleash the crowds … The French rapper of Algerian origin is part of the pillars of the game. His tubes and his gimmicks passed to posterity! It is thus a true superstar of French rap that took place, this Friday February 3, on the scene of the YOYO-Palace of Tokyo. The Paris public expected the show to one who has improvised actor in the first episode of his web series, with great impatience … and to be quite honest, melty too! We tell you all this evening , experienced by the editorial on stage alongside Lacrim through the Weekidz Production team.
A great rapper always succeeds his entrance. Lacrim began his show with the pieces Gustavo Gaviria and Putin who set the tone. After this begins flamboyant show of Lacrim did not stop to gain power . In full fusion with its public, the rapper interpreted his biggest tubes. Communing with his “Chappas” , it allowed them to live a great time. It is necessary to say that with very little playback, a lot of energy on stage and an icy flow: Lacrim brought together all the ingredients to offer us a stage performance of high class. As a result, he promised the audience that some of the images in the show will be included in a new episode of his web series Force and Honor. Just that !
In short, Lacrim was impeccable. Two and a half months after his release from prison, he (logically) took the time to communicate with his fans, even waving an Algerian flag at the end of the concert. Once again, we had a great evening at the YOYO-Palais de Tokyo. Crossing Jordan, Lacrim did not hesitate to kick on stage Traitors, his first song since his release from prison . At melty, it now expects only one thing: the release of the next album of the self-proclaimed “father of French rap” ! And you, what do you think of providing Lacrim!