Lacrim in feat with PNL? The rumors are launched with this photo

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

A collaboration between Lacrim and NLP? Everyone dreams of it, and that is why everybody believes in it. The details !
It does not take much to fans to create the craziest rumors, but we admit that this seems plausible, and we must say that we like to believe. If Booba recently spoke on the PNL group , it is not the only one to seek and does not hide his admiration for the brothers of Corbeil-Essonnes. Yesterday, following the match between Algeria to Senegal during the CAN, the Lacrim rapper released a photo on Instagram that has not failed to create rumors . This illustrates Ademo, NOS and Lacrim in cartoon, wearing the shirt of Algeria. So, collaboration or not collaboration for the three rappers?
Our next realistic suggests to us that this drawing has just been created by a talented fan, for the CAN match held yesterday. The designer would then simply wished to gather the three rappers of Algerian origin on the same plate to support the country . But our side idealist also leads us to think that the rapper Lacrim, the stage for his return Tickets are already on sale , did not do this by accident . And if the interpreter of Putin really wanted to send a message? So, feat or not feat for PNL and Lacrim?