Lacrim returns after his release from prison, he unveils a new extract

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

Hardly out of prison, Lacrim actively prepares his return in the ferries. The proof with this little extract unveiled on its social networks.
Last November, 1 year after surrendering himself to the police after a six-month-long run, Lacrim was out of jail. But while it was thought that he was going to take advantage of it to spend time with the family, in reality, the rapper turned back directly to the coal: in fact, after announcing the creation of his new label Plata o plomo reference to the famous quote by Pablo Escobar), we learned that Lacrim will be back on stage next month. The icing on the cake, he announced in the stride the next release of the first title of a whole new project. A new song he just teased on social networks.
On Instagram, we can hear the lyrics of a totally new track, which we should discover next Friday. And as much to tell you right away: Lacrim looks more fit than ever, which only bodes well for the future. Then, on Facebook , we learn that the title in question will be called “traitors” . Lacrim (that SCH has called Facetime to its release) also gives us an appointment Thursday, February 2 at 18 pm to see the first episode of a series called “Strength & Honour”, which he first unveiled a video excerpt You can watch in the video above. We do not know about you, but at melty, we are now looking forward to discovering all that! What do you think of the extract of “Traitors” unveiled by Lacrim?