Lactalis : the babies are still sick several weeks after having been contaminated by the milk from salmonella

Health 28 January, 2018


Published the 28.01.2018 at 14h47
Update the 28.01.2018 at 16h09


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Some of the children contaminated by salmonella after consuming milk Lactalis always have health problems several weeks after the initial infection, said Friday the members of the Association of families victims of the milk contaminated with salmonella (AFVLCS) during their press conference.

Many relapses

“A lot of children do relapse, it is almost systematic,” and testified Ségolène Noviant, vice-president of the AFVLCS. It was also reported several times that his own son, infected by the milk Lactalis with gastroenteritis Salmonella initially, has made several relapses of diarrhea and of fever and a 4th hospitalization was scheduled for 30 January. It would also have had bronchiolitis in January. It would not be the only one in this case, after the association receives many calls.

Many winter infections

It is certain that the period from December to January is the period of outstanding usual of the virus in the winter, gastro-enteritis and bronchiolitis. These diseases are much more common in this period. Is it that the body of the baby has been weakened by the infection with Salmonella ? It is possible, without that the experts could not say. Gastroenteritis can of course alter the intestinal flora of a person, or a sick baby, but this flora, or intestinal microbiota, balances normally at a distance from the infection. But a recent experimental study is more of a concern.

Gastro-enteritis with salmonella are not benign

According to this study on a model of food poisoning-type human on healthy mice and published by the Sanford Burnham’s Prebys Medical Disvorery Institute in the journal Science, the repeated infections could cause a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine or colon. The study lasted nearly eight years : each mouse received a dose of bacteria of the type Salmonella benign in very small quantities and without risk to life, but an inflammation of the intestine appeared and increased in all mouse over of the repetition of the poisoning. The researchers were also able to see that even stopping cause these infections, inflammation of the intestine did not disappear. The damage was done. The inflammatory disease of the colon and the intestine was launched.

Other sick children

The association has in particular warned Public Health France during a follow-up interview with the government agencies in charge of the case that other children are sick. This meeting was a follow-up to the questions they had asked during a meeting with the Minister of health, Agnès Buzin, and the economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire. While acknowledging “a listener supported” to their grievances on the part of public authorities, the association believes that ” a lot of the answers were not satisfactory “. Public health France should remember this week the parents of sick children to focus on the disease and contact parents whose sick children were not taken into account.

The association is fighting for such a health crisis does not happen again.