Lady Di: she would have loved the new romantic Prince Harry!

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

They never will experience but Meghan would certainly seduced Lady Di. It has everything from the perfect daughter and both resemble the missing princess there are nineteen. Story.
In less than a year, we celebrate 20 years of the death of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. 20 years his son Harry grew up without his warm and comforting presence, without her hugs, without her humorous traits. From her, he inherited a rebellious spirit and a desire to lead his life as he pleases. So do not expect him to bind with aristocratic bon chic, bon genre. He leads his life as he pleases, according to his shots heart and desires. So yes he loves Meghan Markle , 35, a divorced American producer Trevon Engelson after seven years of love, graduated in international relations, former model and actress (they would have met in Toronto last May when the prince was preparing the Invictus Games to be held in Canada in 2017). And he knows that his mother would have loved his new girlfriend, he is convinced. Moreover, it looks as him. Demonstration in five points.
The love of California. At the end of her life, Diana was planning to spend half the year in California. Meghan was born there and enjoy the princess as the sun and the sweetness of the American West.
Miscegenation. Diana was attracted to people of different culture, she was curious of others. It creaked willingly to dark brown as his great love Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan for which she had braved all prohibited 199 5à1997 or the last man in her life, the Egyptian billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed , who died with him in the Alma tunnel on 31 août197. Like her, Harry just fall for a spicy brunette with mixed origins (Meghan has an African-American mother and a father of Irish and Dutch origin). Diana would have applauded and we know how at the end of her life she dreamed of having a third child: a little brown girl with dark skin. The lookalike Meghan …
The series TVs . Diana had a passion for soap operas. When his schedule permitted, she supped at his television watching his favorite cells wide. She was inexhaustible on the subject. Meghan would certainly intrigued and would have loved to question his role as legal assistant in the series Suits .
Hollywood . The Princess of Wales has always been fascinated by Hollywood and its stars. She had a passion for Grace Kelly who symbolized elegance and intelligence. She even represented the Crown at the funeral of the princess in Monaco. She loved American actors rub shoulders and even declined the proposal of Kevin Costner to play later in Bodyguard ( he wrote the role just for her) and refused that Mel Gibson steals his butler Paul Burrell. It would certainly be passionate for the Hollywood career of Meghan (she played in 7 years of seduction ).
Humanitarian . Long before I knew Prince Harry, Meghan was engaged alongside the United Nations in various humanitarian organizations. She was recently in Rwanda for water well construction. It therefore shares the same passion for humanitarian Lady Di who made his fight against AIDS and land mines his reason for living.