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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


A few days of commemorations of the disappearance of Lady Diana, the previously unissued recording of a conversation between the princess of hearts, and the singer George Michael is born in England.

England as a whole is preparing to celebrate the sad anniversary of the disappearance of the princess of hearts, Diana Spencer. Next August 31, marks the twentieth year since the terrible accident which claimed the life of the mother of princes Harry and William. On this occasion, very many of the documentaries will be broadcast in the country, and several unpublished documents are already seeing the light of day in various british media. This weekend, the site of tabloid The Sun has published a soundtrack until now kept in a secret location. The unpublished document, long of 2 minutes 23, encloses the recording of a private conversation that took place between Lady Diana and her friend the singer George Michael.

We are then, in July 1996. The princess of Wales has just celebrated its 35th candle. George Michael called to wish him a happy birthday. Before dealing with the love life of the star of the song, or even joke about their mutual friend Elton John, Diana and George Michael briefly address the situation in which the princess. In the midst of divorce proceedings, the wife of prince Charles does not extend much on the subject, but slip some information to his confidant. “It was rather depressing but we see the end of the tunnel “, she says. She then explains the need to visit the daily appointment scheduled with the counsel of her husband and then concludes this part of the conversation by declaring: “I’m going to get three quarters of what I wanted, and the remaining quarter, he will not be able to have it, so… You can’t say that I am leaving a family particularly loving or caring“.

The recording published on the internet shows the strong friendship shared by the two personalities. It also allows you to discover Diana in a new light, speaking without knowing they are saved and laughing loudly later in the conversation. A month after this phone call, Lady Diana eventually agreed to the terms of the divorce. It affects nearly 20 million euros, but is stripped of her royal titles. The mother of princes William and Harry died the following year. George Michael, him, entrust the cassette of the recording to one of his friends of childhood, Andros Georgiou. The plastic rectangle it will then remain for almost twenty years in a safety deposit box before finally see the light of day in the press.

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