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Health 2 July, 2017


On Saturday 1st July, the british royal family has gathered to celebrate the 56th birthday of princess Diana, who disappeared 20 years ago in a road accident. A moment of emotion that the Crown wished to live in privacy.

The princess of Wales would have been 56 years old this Saturday. Despite the sadness that halo this anniversary, the royal family of England, was held to honour the memory of Lady Di. His sons, William and Harry, are as well rendered in Northamptonshire to collect on his grave, situated on the wooded island in the area of Althorp House. A secret place, protected from view, which only his closest relatives have the right of access.

Kate Middleton was also present in the company of his children, prince George and the princess Charlotte. On the side of the Spencer family, his brother Charles, who is recently assigned to the subject of Diana in a documentary american, would not have missed for anything in the world, this religious ceremony, presided over by the archbishop of Canterbury. For a moment all the more poignant that the year 2017 will mark 20 years of the disappearance of the princess adored. If it is still in the hearts of the English, it is in that of his sons, the princes William and Harry, she lives for eternity. The young men, 35 and 32 years, have multiplied the tributes to their mother, even taking the word in a BBC documentary, to be broadcast next August 31.

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