Lady Diana : the memories of his driver face to his body, in the evening of his death – at the Gala

Entertainment 15 August, 2017


At 16 days now of the 20 years of the disappearance of Lady Diana, testimonials, exclusive keep coming including Colin Tebbutt, one of the drivers of Lady Di, who was sent to Paris in emergency a few hours after the death of the ” princess of hearts “. It remembers !

While some people believe that everything has been said about the tragic demise of Lady Diana following a car accident under the Alma bridge on the night of 30 to 31 August 1997, the sad anniversary of 20 of his or her death bears witness to the opposite. In fact, words never heard before, they surface. Including those of Colin Tebbutt, one of the drivers of Lady Di, who comes to speak in the show Good Morning Britain for the first time since the disappearance of the princess.


An appearance in front of the cameras, during which he has been struggling to contain the emotion that he hugs always. The reason for a sense of guilt that only someone close to the princess as he was, can feel. A proximity such with the mother of princes William and Harry that Colin Tebbut was with the butler Paul Burrell, one of the first to make it to the hospital of the Salpêtrière hospital in paris, where was located the remains.


There were a lot of people. It was very difficult and emotional to see someone so lying on a bed, not in a morgue. I could see people on the roof. It concerned me, because there were no curtains, so I put blankets along the windows, which has increased the temperature of the room. I went to pick up fans to cool off a little piece. This is the time of my life where my professionalism was a bit lacking, because when I returned, the eyelashes and the hair of the princess moved because of the fan. It is engraved in me. He took me away, that I reflect and that I’d start doing what I was doing.


Colin Tebbut, who ten years ago had already mentioned her painful memories in the context of the investigation into the death of Diana ; he had shared her pain of having seen his “patron lying as it was the case ” : ” She looked old, his mouth was sagging, there was not much damage at the level of her face, but she had this look that said, ” I don’t want to be here “ (…) For me, it had to look like the beautiful woman she really was. That was all what mattered to me, that’s all. “had thus explained to this man that are concerned about the effects of heat on the princess deceased, had urged the persons in charge of his remains to” do everything possible ” to make it presentable before the arrival of prince Charles.

Diana Princess of Wales

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