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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Twenty years after the death of the princess of Wales in Paris, the mystery about his relationship with the businessman Dodi Al-Fayed is still not resolved : it was his great confidant after his setbacks in love with Charles, or his future fiancé ? The secretary of Lady Di, he thought that she was not in love.

Diana Spencer would have lived the best summer of his life in the south of France in the company of her two boys Harry and William on the yacht of Dodi Al-Fayed, before dying tragically in the accident in the Pont de l’alma in Paris in August 1997. Dodi, the man with whom she had been very complicit in front of the English press, after her divorce with prince Charles, did not, however, conquered his heart. This is affirmed today the private secretary to the heir in the columns of the Sun. Indeed, for Michael Gibbins, Dodi was a kind of distraction for her. Without a doubt, a symbol of freedom for an independent woman, no longer having to follow all the labels imposed by the royal family. She just wanted to spend a nice summer at the expense of someone else, to have fun , he declared.

Yet, Diana had Dodi Al-Fayed a ring of a large size, purchased in Monte-Carlo, and the rumors about a possible pregnancy were on the rise. Michael Gibbins, him, still refusing to believe it. Not even ” a second “. It is yet to Dodi, the princess has smiled for the last time, before the terrible accident… the version of The secretary in any case, has nothing to do with that of the father of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed, who is still convinced that the duo formed a couple close to the wedding.

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