Lady Gaga: A new album planned for the end of 2017

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

It just fell! Lady Gaga is preparing to release a new album in October 2017, you are told more.
The Little Monsters are distraught for a few minutes and it’s easily understandable … While their idol is currently spending long hours in the studio in order to repeat her performance of the half-time Super Bowl, to ensure the 5 February ( see also the first title confirmed in the setlist ), Lady Gaga seems to have foreseen other surprises to his fans for 2017 . We suspected, after the release of the album Joanne , a concert tour will soon be announced worldwide. What everyone was unaware of is that Lady Gaga is getting ready to come back in October with a brand new album. A real shock for all those who thought they had to wait another two or three years! MAJ: The site Forbes has just rectified its article: “Correction: This article affirmed previously that Lady Gaga was going to release a new album at the beginning of October 2017. Gaga did not announce a date of release for his next album”.
“With Lady Gaga’s new album scheduled for the beginning of October 2017, more than 100 million viewers will not hurt her sales. She should have a tour to follow, which means a big paycheck for her – the Monster Ball Tour in 2011 raked in $ 239 million ” , is what we read in the magazine article Forbes . So it’s not a perfect illusion, the magazine just released this bomb! For now, no member of the team Lady Gaga has commented on this statement but we imagine to have more details soon … And if after the country and rock that is found on Joanne , Lady Gaga returned With an old-fashioned electro-dance? Many would not be against … In the meantime, review what star will sing the American national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2017 before delivering Lady Gaga. A new album in October, what inspires you what?