Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 2017, the first confirmed title in a teaser

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Thanks to a first official teaser, we discover the first song that Lady Gaga will take back at the 2017 Super Bowl.
The most followed event in the world will soon be back! February 5, 2017, Lady Gaga will attract the attention of millions of people since it is this that will ensure halftime of the Super Bowl within the NRG Stadium in Houston (Texas). If there are whispers in the corridors of the NFL that the singer of “Poker Face” will not receive any surprise guest on stage , today we discover new details about its performance which is necessarily highly anticipated! In an official teaser unveiled by Pepsi include Lady Gaga talking about his future transition to the Super Bowl and especially the fans can now take note of a first title confirmed for the medley, she will perform during halftime!
With this video which goes behind the scenes of Super Bowl 2017, it has now been confirmed that Lady Gaga will sing his iconic single “Bad Romance” . If we would have struggled to imagine the American singer deliver its service-medley without this tube by RedOne, the Little Monsters are finally reassured to know that “Bad Romance” will of the halftime program of the Super Bowl! With the choreography that the many dancers perform in the teaser, it promises to be memorable! This is not all for the Super Bowl: Lady Gaga is perhaps risking his life during halftime giving a dangerous performance in front of everyone. The show will be spectacular for sure … What other songs would you like Lady Gaga sang at the Super Bowl?