Lady Gaga: The Cure, the clip that everyone is waiting to be unveiled soon?

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Lady Gaga is preparing to go on a world tour. But before that, will she unveil a new clip?
With Joanne released last October, Lady Gaga took a turn in her career. Very country and a thousand leagues from what she did before, the beautiful took risks. Even if sales did not live up to her expectations, the singer fought, performing during the half-time Super Bowl in February or even at the Coachella festival. Only places where it is good to show. But that will not be enough. Regardless, its popularity still allows him to tour around the world with his Joanne World Tour . Moreover, a few weeks before the premiere, Lady Gaga, whose details of one of his clips could escape you , is preparing in the shade, but could reserve us a little surprise.
If we thought that the promotion of his opus Joanne was finished, it would be nothing. On Twitter , the artist posted a mysterious photo announcing a new project . New clip from the album after “Perfect Illusion” , “Million Reasons” and “John Wayne” ? Or maybe the clip of the song “The Cure”. This unpublished title does not appear on its cake and could announce a new era. Moreover, it worked very well in the charts and the Little Monsters expected to discover the images soon. But for some time, Lady Gaga, who received an apology from the Chainmakers , Is discreet and makes us wait a long time. Do you want to discover a new music video from Gaga?
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