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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


As if it was still there. Laeticia Hallyday still hears Johnny. She sees it. In his house in St. Bart, it is everywhere. Almost in every corner. Each pile of garment. He did not leave.

Every morning, she feels like she is sinking, waking up alone. She seeks his body, his heat, his unique voice that she believes to still be heard. But there is only the empty, immense. Johnny is no more. Then Laeticia Hallyday get hung up on a daily basis to not sink. It manages stewardship, prepares the schedule of the day : shopping with Jade and Joy, supervise homework, and meals, arrange activities and prepare the return to Los Angeles in mid-January. Around her neck, the crucifix of her husband never leaves her. Like a talisman. Johnny stays with it, warm against and in her heart.

By the door of the dressing-room ajar, she saw the business of the singer, impeccably rows. Hats, shirts embroidered with flowers, pajamas in silk adorned with a death’s head… Nothing has changed, for the moment. One day, she will sort. But it is still too early, too painful. She puts on one of her long dresses gipsy in cheerful colours, the ones that Johnny loved so much.

Soon, Laeticia Hallyday leave Saint-Barth. Towards Los Angeles, the home of Pacific Palisades. Of course, she did not want to leave the island, away from the grave of Johnny. But it will do. For Jade and Joy, to offer them a simpler life, with boyfriends, girlfriends, high school, the daily. Almost as if Johnny was still there.

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